Kiko Cosmetics haul

I went shopping with a friend yesterday. We were just casually walking around in a shopping mall, and there it was… A huge Kiko Cosmetics store. We don’t have many in the Netherlands so of course I wanted to go in.

I’m still saving up for my London trip in December (YAY!) so I didn’t spend too much money. I just bought a few products because I couldn’t help myself.

The first products I picked up were these two gorgeous eyeshadows. They’re called Click System Infinity Eyeshadows. This is because you actually need to put them in to an empty eyeshadow box and you can switch them out. Now, I do have one but if you don’t, it’s okay too. The eyeshadows have a lit and bottom so you can also just use them like this.
I picked up two shades, the one on the left is ‘282’ and it’s a navy/purple-ish shimmer. The one on the left is ‘239’ and it’s a nude/brownish matte shade. I personally like matte shades above shimmer, just because I find them easier to use. Both colours are not very unique but they are amazing. The pigmentation is to die for and I can’t wait to play with them. (€4,90 each)
Then, I also picked up a eye pencil which you can see in the picture at the top. It’s called a smart eye pencil and I bought it in the shade ‘908’ which is a gorgeous, light purple colour. It’s in between matte and shimmer, which makes it perfect for me. (€2,50)
I also picked up a smart lipstick in shade ‘909’ which is a red/brownish colour. I already own many red lipsticks so I kind of wanted one that had a brown undertone and this one has my name written all over it. I’m really into bright lipsticks although I also love myself some nudes.
The lipstick is very easy to use, it glides on super easily. Next to that it is also really pigmented and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is into bright lipsticks. (€3,90)
With the lipstick I picked up a lip pencil as close to the lipstick colour as possible. Now, this was kind of hard since they had way more lipsticks than they had lip pencils. So I went with the Precision Lip pencil in shade ‘308’. It’s kind of the same colour but the only difference is that it has a slightly more pink undertone rather than a brown one. But again, very easy to use and an amazing colour. (€4,20)
If you ever find  a Kiko store, I would recommend you to go inside and take a look because the products are such a great quality and they’re super affordable! You can also order products online (they ship worldwide).
Do you own any Kiko products? 

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