MUST FOLLOW: Instagram MUA’s

I have a lot of MUA’s that I look up to and luckily, most of them have an Instagram to share their looks. Today I’m going to share some of my faves, keep on reading…

I’ve decided to start this post of with my absolute, all time favourite MUA: nikkietutorials! Okay, so, this girl is the bomb dot com. She’s funny, beautiful, super nice and of course, such an amazing makeup artist.

Nikkie is a Dutch (woooo, Dutchies rock!) but speaks English fluently. Most people know her because of her The Power Of Makeup video on YouTube, which, I have to admit, was pretty damn good. She started to make YouTube videos seven years ago but only got really famous a year ago.

Her Instagram contains pictures of her makeup looks, the trips she makes, some funny pictures and some pictures of her dog. Who, by the way, also has his own IG: @IvyTutorials.

Next up is the gorgeous chhloemorello. Chloe is an Australian makeup artist and is pretty darn good at what she does.
Chloe started her YouTube account in 2012 and created an Instagram account a few years later. Her Instagram is basically a journal of her life, filled with pictures of the places she visits, makeup looks, food she eats, etc.
This flawless (no seriously, she’s flawless) girl is from Los Angeles and is, again, a MUA. She’s called chrisspy and loves what she’s doing.
And again, this girl too has a YouTube channel. She started her channel in 2012 as well and has become majorly famous. With her 2.2m followers on Instagram she must have great pictures, right? Well, I can assure you she does. Lately, it has been filled with halloween looks (who doesn’t love halloween, right?) Her account is normally filled with stunning outfit of the day photos and the great makeup looks she creates.
A good friend of Chrisspy’s is Desi Perkins, better known as desimakeup. They became good friends because they both work at the Ipsy studios, where they film and edit their videos.
Desi started her YouTube a year later than the previous two girls, in 2013 her first video was up. She then created an IG as well and she became famous very fast. Her Instagram is filled with the regular MUA stuff: looks, halloween makeup, outfit of the day pictures, product pictures, etc.
Last but definitely not least is Huda Kattan, also known as hudabeauty. Huda has 7.5 million followers and is majorly famous, even other makeup artists look up to her.
Huda also has a YouTube, she started it in 2007. As I said before, Huda has 7.5m followers on her Instagram account, but, she doesn’t only post pictures of herself and her own life. She likes to look at pictures that are tagged with #hudabeauty and uploads the ones she finds best. Plus, a little secret, most of the time it’s her sister’s who’s posting on that account!
Huda also has another Instagram account called hudalashes. This IG contains pictures of people with her own lashes on. Yep, that’s right, she has her own fals lash collection (and it’s gorgeous!)
These were some of my favourite Instagram accounts. Of course, I have many more but these are my top 5 right now!
What are your favourite IG accounts? 

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