We better cut this short

Don’t we all hate our long hair from time to time? It sticks to your lipgloss, it gets stuck underneath your bag and it takes forever to dry… I decided to do it completely different this time. Curious to know what I did to my hair? Keep on reading… 

IMG-20151221-WA0012 (2)

As you can tell, my hair was pretty long but also pretty dead. I grew it out, bleached my hair and dyed it purple several times. It turned all green and after this picture I dyed it purple again. Now, three weeks after this picture has been taken, it is completely dead and I couldn’t deal with it anymore so I decided to cut it all off…

cut off

Now that’s what I call a change! I am absolutely obsessed with my new haircut. It looks gorgeous, fresh and super healthy. I really like the length and the way my own hair colour looks when there isn’t any coloured dye at the ends.

My hair is really easy to wash, to brush and it looks perfect every single day. The only negative thing I have to say about it is that I can’t wear a ponytail or a messy bun anymore which is annoying because now I can’t wear it up at night but oh well… It’s worth it because I am in love!


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