Throwback: Christmas Holiday (photo diary)



This weeks post will be a little throwback to my christmas holiday in 2015. Want to find out what I did and where I went? Keep on reading… 


Pink Plaid by MAC

On the 19th of December, my friend and I woke up at five in the morning to go to Schiphol Airport. Once we arrived, we got through the security and the first thing we saw was a MAC store… You guessed it, I bought something… I was literally two minutes at the airport and I bought a MAC lippie… But oh well, it was worth it.

Later on, we flew to London with a little delay and we missed our bus because of the delay but luckily, the bus driver allowed us to get on the next bus.

Once we arrived at London Victoria Station, we walked two minutes to our hotel and we checked in. It was a cute, small hotel room with a bed, a sink and a desk. The room was super small but we were only staying three nights so it was totally fine with us.


We left the hotel around four o’clock so it already started to get dark. We walked for about three minutes when we arrived in a big shopping street (me likey). We entered some shops and walked a little further. After about five more minutes, we saw Westminster Abbey, the Big Ben and the London Eye. We walked around for another hour and went back to the hotel. We did stop for dinner at the McDonalds next to our hotel (YAS!).


On day two, of course, we went shopping at Oxford Street. It was a twenty minute walk from our hotel so we didn’t mind walking there. We visited all the shops we wanted to visit, we had lunch at McDonalds again (Don’t judge us), we bought loads of things and decided to go back to our hotel around seven.


Me being extremely happy in the Disney Store on Oxford Street

Once we got to our hotelroom, we took a shower and watched Clueless because my friend had never seen it before (I know, how is it possible?!). We took some pictures of all the things we bought and we went to bed at eleven.


Day three started off with an other breakfast at the hotel and we went sightseeing afterwards. We went to the Big Ben, the London Eye, etc. We also visited some Museums because we love art.

We bought lunch at the Tesco and ate it on Trafalgar square. We then went back to the hotel, chilled out for a little bit and went out around six again.

We ate dinner at Pret à Manger (if you’re not familiar with this shop/café, go to London. It’s literally on every corner of every street) and walked to Harrods afterwards. Now, this was kind of a long walk and we regret we went there.


After Harrods we walked even further to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park. We went there in the evening because we thought it would be way prettier to see in the dark with all the lights than during the day. It was mega pretty and we spent quite some time there.


On our way back to the hotel, we stopped at a McDonalds to get food and drinks (of course, third time, don’t judge me) to take to our room. I got fries, chicken nuggets and coke. We went back to our room, ate and drank, watched a movie and went to sleep.


On our fourth and last day, we went to Camden town because I really wanted to see the Amy Winehouse statue which you can see above. I’m a big fan of Amy and the documentary that came out recently was a huge eye-opener. If you haven’t seen the documentary ‘Amy’ before, you should go watch it right now (or after you finished reading this post because who doesn’t want to finish it ha).

We flew back to The Netherlands (or as I like to call it; Narnia) and we drove home by car.

This trip was such an amazing trip. I really  miss London because it’s one of my favourite cities ever. I love going there and I’m hoping I’ll be there again real soon!



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