Makeup Revolution Haul


About three weeks ago I ordered a lot of products on the Makeup Revolution website. They had a special offer going on where you had to spend £30 and you would get a special gift bag worth £25. Want to know what I got? Keep on reading…

I personally love Makeup Revolution with all my heart, it’s so cheap and the quality is actually so so SO good! (NOTE: I did get most things on sale so the prices are what I payed for the products and can differ from the website). In this post I’m just going to tell you what I got myself and I’ll have an extra post this saturday on the gift bag.

The things I got: 
– I ♥ Makeup Fast Love palette
This eyeshadow palette contains 32 shades; 10 matte and 22 shimmers. They are all super    soft and pigmented. Most shades are pretty natural and they are all warm colours. This also comes with an applicator which I personally don’t like and probably won’t use.

– Beach & surf palette
This palette has twelve colours; two matte, six shimmers and four pressed glitters. This palette is really colourful, it has some natural colours but also some bright greens and blues. It is really pigmented and the bright colours are fun to play with in summer. (£3.00)

– Go To Heaven palette
Yes, I ordered another eyeshadow palette. This one is a wheel of shadows and it contains 18 nude/brownish colours. It – again- has a mix of mattes and shimmers and it is actually really big. When I ordered it, I thought it was going to be a small wheel but it’s about the size of my hand so that’s good. (£1.99)

– I ♥ Makeup I ♥ My Brows palette
This is again a palette, but this one doesn’t just have eyeshadow colours in it. The name already says it, it has brow products in it as well. It has two brow powders, one brow wax and a few shimmery eyeshadow colours. This one also comes with mini tweezers and a tiny eyeshadow brush which is actually pretty darn cute. (£1.50)

– Metal Eye Foils
The next thing I picked up were two of the Metal Eye Foils. I had heard great things about these – they are supposed to be dupes for the Stila eye foils – so I just had to get some. I got them in the shade ‘Emerald Goddess’ which is a gorgeous emerald green colour; which you could’ve probably already told when you saw the name haha. I also got the shade ‘Pure Platinum’ which is the most stunning silver shadow I’ve ever seen. The foils come with a mixing tray – which has Makeup Revolution pressed into it – and a liquid primer. I also really wanted to get the rose golden one but unfortunately it was sold out. (£2.00 each)


– Radiant Light
The Radiant Light highlighter is the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve been using it for a couple of days now and trust me, the glow is real. I bought it in the shade ‘Glow’ which is a gorgeous golden glow. These highlighters are a perfect dupe for the Mary-Lou Manizer by The Balm. (£3.50)

– Single shadows
I also ordered two single shadows. One in the shade ‘Make It Happen’ which is a gorgeous dark brown glittery colour. The other shade I got was another glittery one, but this one is gold and it’s called ‘I Want U’. Both of the shadows are super pigmented and go on your lids very easily. You can use these either wet or dry.(£0.50 / £0.75)

– Lipgloss Tube
I also got a few lip products. The first thing is a lipgloss in the shade ‘Free’. Now, this lipgloss is just a clear colour which is very boring of course, but I thought it would be nice to have it since you can wear it over any lipstick and it will get shiny. (£0.50)

– Lipstick Mystify
I also got a regular lipstick in the shade Mystify. It’s a kind of nude/orange-ish colour and it’s super pretty for summer. It’s really cheap but it works so well. The pigmentation isn’t the best one ever and it doesn’t stay on all day but I think it’s still really good if you compare it to its price. It does feel very soft on your lips and looks amazing. (£0.75)

– Lip Lava
These products are absolutely A-MA-ZING! I’m so obsessed with it and I’ve only used it four times so far. The Lip Lava’s are dupes for the Too Faced Melted liquid lipsticks and I think they are just as pretty. Unfortunately I only picked up one (definitely going to pick up some more soon). Mine is in the shade Forgiven which is a brown/nude-ish colour. It’s really pigmented and it stays on so long. I wore it when I went out for dinner the other night and I drank, ate and even brushed my teeth with the lip lava on and it actually stayed on?! (£2.99)

– Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray
I guess we all know what fixing spray is. Makeup Revolution has two different ones; the normal one – which I got – and an oil control fixing spray. My face is never really oily so I just got the regular fixing spray and I think it’s perfect. I’ve used it three times now and my makeup stayed on all day. I went out for dinner with friends, I went to a party and I even spent a day working. It’s amazing. (£5.00)

– Vivid Blush Lacquer
The last thing I picked up was one of the vivid blush lacquers. They unfortunately stopped selling them since last week. I got one in the shade Rush which is a bright pink blush. It comes with a pump so it’s easy to use. It is actually very very bright if you use too much so that’s kind of disappointing. (£0.50)

That was it for this Makeup Revolution haul. It was a long post but it’s worth it. Check back on saturday if you want to know what was in the free gift bag worth £25.

Do you own any Makeup Revolution products? 



  1. Going to follow you to have a look at what you got in the £25 bag! It’s amazing how many products you got for £30 from this affordable brand. I suspect that the £25 bag will probably have so many great goodies inside 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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