Makeup Revolution Haul: Mystery Bag

colour chaos.png

Here is, as promised, the special reveal of what’s in the Makeup Revolution Mystery Bag worth £25. An extra post today because I just really wanted to show you guys. Want to know what I got in my gift bag? Keep on reading…

Makeup Revolution had an offer where you’d get a gift bag worth £25 when you spend at least £30. Of course, I couldn’t resist. In this post I’m going to tell you what I got in the gift bag but if you want to know what I bought myself, you can click here.

The products in the gift bag:

colour chaos
– Colour Chaos Palette
The first thing I found was a gorgeous eyeshadow palette called Colour Chaos. As you probably would’ve guessed already, it is full of bright/neon colours. It contains 18 shades; mattes and shimmer mixed. I think this palette is really cool to play with in summer since it’s all bright colours and it makes me feel so happy. (£6.00)


– Radiant Light Highlighter
I got an other radiant light highlighter and yes, it is the exact same shade as I ordered (Glow). Somehow, god wasn’t with me on this one and now I’ve two of the exact same highlighters. They sell it in three different shades and they are perfect to work with. The shade Glow is a highlighter with a golden glow which is so pretty and I’ve been obsessing over it for the past week. (£5.00)

i remember

– I Remember single shadow
The next thing I got was a single shadow in the shade I Remember. It’s a very light brown/greyish colour which is perfect for an everyday look. The coverage is amazing and it’s actually really cheap. I love! (£1.00)

– Liphug Let’s Raise The Bar
I also got a Liphug in the shade Let’s Raise The Bar which is an orangy colour. I love orange lipsticks for summer so I thought this was great. I haven’t tried it yet but I have tried some other colour liphugs and they are amazing. The coverage could be better but they do stay on quite long (compared to the price of course) and they slide on your lips so easily. (£2.50)

– Velour Lip Cream
I then got a nude velour lip cream called Move Your Mouth Forever. BTW, I just quickly want to say that I love all of the names Makeup Revolution uses. Okay, so the lip cream. It’s a nude – slightly orange – lip cream which dries kind of matte (yay!). It doesn’t feel dry at all and it smells like caramel (huge plus, I know). I do think it’s a bit sticky like lipgloss which I personally do not like. (£3.00)


– The One Blush Stick
The gifts keep coming, I know. I got the The One Blush Stick in the shade Malibu as well. I already owned this one but I absolutely love it as a cream contour so I was actually really happy with it. When you look at it, it looks like a very shiny dark brown colour but once you put it on your face and you blend it out, the shimmer is gone. I personally don’t like it as a blush but I do love it as a cream contour. (£5.00)

hey girl

– Lip Gloss Tube
Yay! An other lip product. I’m obsessed with lip products so I was happy I received three of them. The third (and last) lip product I got was a lip gloss called Hey Girl (told you the names were cute!). It’s a light pink which is really pretty. I’ve been trying to use more lip glosses lately but it takes some time getting used to them again. I used to strongly dislike them because they were so sticky and my hair always used to get stuck to them (raise your hand if you’re with me on this one). (£1.00)


– Vivid Blush Lacquer
And the last thing I got was an other vivid blush lacquer. If you’ve read my previous post you know that I picked one up myself as well so I was really happy to get an other one. This one is in the shade Desire which is actually more of a natural colour compared to the pink one I picked up myself. I personally like this one better and I really wanted to get it but it was sold out. Sooo, luckily I got one now! I unfortunately can’t tell you the price because I got it for free and the company stopped selling these but I believe they used to be around £3.00.

So, I hoped you liked this post as much as the previous one. If Makeup Revolution has an other offer, I will let you guys know on my Instagram (michellescosmetics).

Do you like lip glosses? 



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