Current favs: fashion trends


I personally love picking out new outfits and staying up to date when it comes to fashion and style. I like to check webshops and read magazines every now and then to see all the new fashion trends. In today’s post I’m going to let you know five of my favourite trends. Keep on reading… 

1 (EUR 25.66 / USD 29.25 / GBP 20.70)

The first trend that I’m absolutely in love with are lace-up (crop) tops. So, basically they are tops, cropped or not, and it has a deep cleavage which you can lace up just like you do with your shoes. I think it looks really chic, yet casual. It gives this extra touch to a basic shirt.
I personally like the cropped version best because I’m really into crop tops but if you don’t feel comfortable in it you can always go for a normal lace-up top. Match it with some high-waisted jeans, some black chelsea boots and you’re ready to go.

2 ( EUR 57.00 / USD 65.00 / GBP 46.00)

I’m OBSESSED with this trend; the ripped boyfriend jeans I own three of these: two denim ones and black ones. I love these jeans so much because they look so cool and they are really comfortable.
I would wear these jeans with a crop top to make it a little more chic and either some high heels or just my all stars.

3 (EUR 6.99 / USD 8.00 / GBP 5.65)

Time to add some accessoiries to this list! One of my bad habits is buying sunglasses… oops. I wear them all the time in spring, autumn and summer. When I’m inside I wear them in my hair as an accessoiry. Lately I’ve been really liking the round sunglasses and I own a matte black pair.
These basically go with anything so I don’t think this really needs some outfit inspiration.

4 (EUR 50.00 / USD 57.00 / GBP 40.35)

Okay so, here’s another item I’ve been adoring lately. It’s called a jumpsuit or playsuit. Whether it has long or short sleeves, long or short trousers, I don’t care, I love them all. I think some of them can look really chic while others will look really comfortable. I just recently bought a new one myself which I am literally obsessed with, it’s so pretty.
I would match this black one with some brightly coloured high heels and a clutch. I think the bright shoes would add that pop of colour that this outfit needs (in my opinion).

5 (EUR 110.00 / USD 125.00 / GBP 88.80)

The last trend I have for you guys are the wooden heels. Aren’t they just absolutely gorgeous? I think these look so cool with either jeans or a skirt. It doens’t really matter what you match these with because they look so great, they would go with anything. So vintage, yet so modern.
Match this pair with some denim jeans, a black basic top, some long necklace and you’re good to go.

Those were five of my current favourite fashion trends. Hope you liked them and got some inspiration from them.

What are some of your favourite fashion trends? Let me know in the comments below.



























































































































































































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