Current dreams

Don’t we all have dreams? Some big dreams, some little dreams, some easier to reach than others… Today I’m going to talk about my top three big dreams at the moment. Want to know what they are? Keep on reading… 

My first dream is something I’m currently working on. Ever since I was a little girl, my mom used to tell me stories about how she was a camp counsellor at Camp America twice. She went when she was 18 and enjoyed it so much, she decided to go back when she was 19. I was always so fascinated by her stories that I’ve been talking about going myself since I was about 8. I’m 17 now and I can go when I’m 18 so I’ll have to wait just a little longer.

At Camp America you’re a counsellor to young kids and basically just have fun with them. It’s two months and usually somewhere on the east coast. I’m going to apply after this summer so I can hopefully join them next year. They do have some special requirements which you can find on their website.

I’m really excited to do this and I’ve been dreaming about it for so long now. I can’t believe it’s just a little over a year left till I get to go!

My next dream is actually an other major dream of mine. In our junior year (third year at college/uni) we get to choose a minor to study. One of these minors is studying abroad. You get to choose a country from a list (Africa, Curacao, etc.) where you’ll go and you’re going to teach the children English there. I, being the special person I am, don’t want ot go to any country on the list because I want to go to Scotland or England. My teacher told me this was going to be impossible because I’m not a native speaker and I won’t be able to teach the children any English… (I got so mad you have no idea).

A couple of weeks after she told me that, she came back to me and told me they were arranging something special for me. I will be able to go to the UK in my junior year but I’m going to have to teach at an international school. I don’t mind at all to be honest. I’m just really happy I get to go and spend five months in my favourite country ever!

And now, my biggest wish of all time, which (yes) is going to happen very soon… I want to move to the UK. I want to live there so so so badly. We go on holiday to Scotland/England almost every year and it’s just such an amazing country. I love absolutely everything about it!

Ever since I was little I told my parents I would not live in the Netherlands forever. I always wanted to move to an other country because I think my country sucks. When I was about 10 I got the crazy idea to move to the USA because I thought that would be cool and everything but I quickly got rid of this thought.

When I went to the UK for the first time I was 12… I immediatly fell in love. I knew that was the place I wanted to move. It wouldn’t be too far from my parents and it wouldn’t be too expensive to travel back and forth between the two countries. I loved the nature, the cities, the people, everything basically.

I’m going to move there when I’m done studying here, which will be in 2019. Í will then go to Scotland for a year to study for an other year and when I’ll graduate there, I want to move again. I’m not sure whether to move to England or Scotland yet but I guess we’ll see. Time will tell…

Those were my three biggest wishes at the moment. I know they are kind of crazy, but as you can see, all of them are going to happen. Dream big or don’t dream at all, right?

What is your biggest dream?




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