Musthaves in your bag

Don’t you think it’s funny; you carry your bag around all the time and it’s filled with loads and loads of stuff. Yet, the things you actually need are the things you didn’t bring? Yes, I feel you all. I carry so much worthless stuff around all the time (hands up if the bottom of your bag is covered with receipts from months ago). I decided to help you guys out a little and create a top 5 of musthaves in your bag. Want to find out what you absolutely need in your bag? Keep on reading…

Of course we all have our basic stuff like our wallet, our ID/driver’s license, our keys, etc. But there are some things you don’t think of a lot of times so I decided to make a must have list for you guys. Let’s get into it!

First things first girls, get your priorities straight. We all need makeup! I like to carry multiple makeup items in a little makeup bag so they don’t get lost (again, between those old receipts, yes). So, the items I like to have with me – at ALL times – are: mascara, the lipstick that I’m wearing that day, a lip balm, makeup wipes, a mirror, some tissues, a nail file, some tweezers and a clear nail polish. A clear nail polish, you may wonder? Yes, it’s very useful for multiple things but I like it especially for my tights. If you get a tiny little hole in your tights during the day, put some clear nail polish on it and it won’t rip any further.

The next thing every girl need is of course, a hair brush. The one I like to use is a tangle teezer. Ever since I started using this one instead of a regular hairbrush, my hair has been looking way smoother and it just felt way better. I never want to go back to a regular one.

Third thing you ab-so-lute-ly need is deodorant. We all sweat during the day so it’s always nice to be able to spray some deodorant and smell good. Also, perfume is something I really want to carry around in my bag. I usually get a tiny version of some perfume or like a small sample. If I run out of those, I like to take my Victoria Secret Body Mist with me because the bottle is made of plastic and it won’t break as easily.

Another thing I always carry around – wherever I go – is hand sanitiser. I guess we all know how it works and what it’s used for but if you don’t: it’s an anti-bacterial hand gel that kills 99.9% of the germs on your hands. You basically wash your hands without soap. I really like the ones from Bath & Body Works but sadly, I’m starting to run out of those. When I went to the USA I bought 10 of them – 5 for $5 – and I love them all so much so I really have to go there again …

The next one isn’t beauty related but it is most definitely a must. Everybody needs a notebook and a pen. Whether it’s because you think of something or you quickly need to write something down or you need to remember something, it always comes in handy.

The next couple of things are kind of necessary ‘medical’ things. Some things you always need are bandaids, aspirins, meds for cramps (I like to use feminax) and hand lotion. These are those kind of things which you never know when they’ll come in handy. I also carry some tranquilizers for when I suddenly get an anxiety attack or have to do something that I’m scared to do.

Last – but definitely not least – is mints or chewing gum because who doesn’t want their breath to smell good? I really don’t know what else to say about this because I just think this is really obvious.

And that concludes my list of must haves in your bag. I hope this came in handy. What is something you carry around in your bag at all times? 



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