New tattoo?!?


As some of you might already know; I got a new tattoo last week! I’m obsessed with both of the tattoos I have right now and I just want to let you know the reason behind them. Also, I’ll tell you a little about the process and whether it hurts or not.

tattoo cat

This is my newest tattoo. It’s a little cat on the back of my shoulder and I think it’s the cutest thing ever! I got this tattoo because 1. I absolutely love cats with all my heart and 2. we quite recently had to put one of my cats down and I really wanted to get a tattoo for her and both of my cats still alive.

So, before I’ll talk about the tattoo I’ve had for almost a year now, I’ll talk a bit about the process of getting a tattoo. The process always starts by you picking out a picture/tattoo to get tattooed. Once you’ve got that figured out, you need to know the size you want it to be (this doesn’t need to be the exact size yet) and where you want to have it. You then usually have to make an appointment at a tattoo shop of your choice and then the wait begins.

Once you get to the tattooshop, he/she will ask you whether the picture is correct and they will ask you the exact size you want it to be. My artist always prints the picture in three different sizes and he then helps me make a decision. Once that is done, the area of your choice gets cleaned, your artist will put on a non-permanent version of your tattoo so you can decide whether it looks good, it’s in the right spot, etc. And then the real work begins, your tattoo is permanent now.


This is what my other tattoo, which I’ve had for almost a year now, looks like. If you know anything about music, you would know that these are the G- and F-clef. Combined they look like a little heart and it’s really cute. I got this one because 1. I really enjoy playing the piano and 2. I reaaally enjoy listening to music. I think that sometimes, listening to music is a better cure than talking to people. Music has always been a huge inspiration for me so I thought it would be nice to get it tattooed on my ankle.

“Did getting them hurt?” you might wonder. To be honest, it was way less painful than I expected. I was really nervous both of the times but it didn’t really hurt. Yes, it started to irritate after a little while, but it wasn’t so bad. The one on my ankle was worse because it took a little longer and it’s slightly bigger.

I still want to get a quote tattooed somewhere on my body but I’m not quite sure which one. I don’t want it to be basic so I wanted to think about it a little longer before getting it. If you have any ideas, let me know in the comments or on Instagram.

Do you have or want any tattoos? 


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