Mini Primark haul


I went shopping with a friend the other day when we decided to go to Primark (because when do I ever skip Primark???). I bought only a few things because I didn’t need too much and I’m still saving up for my USA trip next summer. So here are the few things I bought.

The first thing I picked up was this gorgeous pocket mirror. I already owned some but I mean… you can never have enough right? The front is a true art piece in my opinion. It’s like a blue, pink and purple tiedye which looks absolutely gorgeous. The back is just plain silver and when you open it, it has not only one but two mirrors! The left size is a magnifying mirror and the right one is just a normal one. This pocket mirror was only €1.50 which made everything even better.

The next thing I found is a little less exciting: a blocked pore remover. I thought I’d give this one a try. It’s a gorgeous rose golden one and has a flat side on one end and a round side on the other end. It was €1.50 as well and I just wanted to try it out really, nothing too exciting.


I also got myself this gorgeous black (duh) hat. I’ve wanted a hat like this for ages and when I saw this one for only €4 I just had to get it. I think this is perfect to spice up any outfit but also as a sunblock for your face this summer. It has been quite hot (really hot tbh) the past couple of days here in the Netherlands so I think I’ll get great use out of this.

The last thing I picked up was a men shirt in size XXL which I’ll use as a pyjama shirt. I didn’t take a picture because I’m currently wearing it but it’s just a blue shirt from their basic collection. It was only €2.50 so I didn’t hesitate about buying it at all. It’s honestly the comfiest shirt ever and I basically want to live in this.

That concludes my mini Primark haul. Tell me in the comments down below whether you like hauls or not so I know whether to keep them coming or not.

Do you like Primark items? 




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