Mini Kiko haul


I recently (finally) went back to a Kiko store. I enjoy going to Kiko stores because the makeup there is super affordable yet very great quality. I picked up four eye products this time and I’m really excited to play with them.

The first thing I found was a gorgeous dark brown single shadow. The Kiko products always have numbers as shades so this one is in shade 131. I already owned one of these single shadows so I knew this one would be very pigmented, and trust me, it is. I think this colour will be perfect as a blending colour for in my crease. I got this single shadow for only €2.90.

The next thing I got was an eyetech look eyeshadow stick. It should be an automatic eyepencil which comes in a stick form. You can screw off the left side, which is also kind of like the cap, and a felt tip applicator comes out. It already has product on it and you can apply it straight to your eyelid. I got it in shade 115 which is a greyish black (bottom one on the swatch picture). I personally don’t like this one as much because it isn’t pigmented enough for me. I had to go over it at least 5 or 6 times to get the colour shown in the picture. It was €5.90 which isn’t too much but I wouldn’t recommend this to anyone wanting to buy eyeshadows from Kiko.

I then picked up another infinity eyeshadow. I already posted some of these in a different Kiko haul and I really like these shadows. I now own seven colours which I never put in the containers eventhough they say you should. They’re part of a clics system which means you can buy a container and switch them out from time to time but I think they work just as well without depotting them.

I got this one in shade 252 which is a gorgeous violet, light purple colour. I realised I didn’t own many purple shades before and I wanted to create a purple/blue-ish eyelook so that’s why I got this. This one is also very pigmented but it’s less vibrant than the brown one I swatched earlier. This eyeshadow was €4.90.


The final thing I picked up is a two in one product. One side is a creamy eyeshadow and the other side is a liner. The two colours obviously match with each other and I got it in the shade ’03 lilac and plum’. I got this one because, as I said earlier, I wanted to create a purple eye look.

The light side is a cream eyeshadow in a lilac shade. It is very pigmented and very creamy and I can’t wait to play with it. I think it goes perfectly with the normal eyeshadow I got as well so that is great.

The other side is a liner and it is a plum shade. This gorgeous dark purple colour is very pigmented and goes on smoothly as well. The swatch looks kind of wobbly because the sharp tip broke off when swatching it… great. Besides that, this product is as amazing as the cream eyeshadow side it comes with. This duo was €7.90 which I think is a great price for two products.

And that is everything I bought from Kiko this time. If you want to see more hauls, let me know in the comments down below!

What is your favourite makeup product? 


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