Current favs: Songs

cold water

Today I wanted to talk to you about the songs I’ve been playing non-stop in the past couple of weeks. I’m totally obsessed with listening to music and I have phases in which I listen to the same songs over and over again. Today, I’m sharing those songs with you guys.

Cold Water – Major Lazer (ft. Justin Bieber and MØ)
How can you not like this song??? It’s honestly the best song I’ve heard in ages. I don’t say this because I’m a Belieber (yes, I am) but this song is such a good tune.

Btw, click the pictures to listen to the song on YouTube!

cold water

Justin Bieber – Pia Mia
I’m still not sure why this song is called Justin Bieber but I like it a lot tbh. I’ve never really been such a great fan of Pia Mia’s songs (don’t get me wrong her, she’s amazing) but this song is literally so good.

justin bieber

All In My Head – Tori Kelly
This song is quite old already but I recently refound this song and remembered how good it was. This song is my jam and I could honestly listen to this for hours.

all in my head

Dying Hole – Bailey McConnell
Now, most of you probably don’t know this boy. He was on Britain’s Got Talent in 2014 when he was only 14 years old. He sang parts of this song and I fell in love. Just listen to it, it’s amazing.

dying hole

You Don’t Really Know Me – Jessie J
Jessie is my queen. She’s the best female artist I know and this song just speaks to me in so many different ways. I can relate to the song and Jessie just sings it so perfectly.

you dont really know me

Hands To Myself – Selena Gomez
This song is a really good song when you’re happy and just want to jam out to some great music. I like to turn up the volume when listening to this song because it’s just so good. Also, the video is sooo good!

hands to myself

Clown – O’G3NE
Clown isn’t O’G3NE’s original song but this cover is just too good. O’G3NE is a Dutch band consisting of three sisters (they were on junior eurovision in the past) and they won The Voice of Holland. They never sing off key and they’re just so good. If you check this cover out, make sure to check out their cover of Sing as well.


Jealous – Labrinth
This is, again, one of those songs I can listen to for hours and wouldn’t get bored of. It sounds so good and everything about it is just perfect.


Last, but most definitely not least, is one of my favourite songs by ZAYN. The song is such a feel good tune and I really enjoy jamming out to this. I’m so glad ZAYN went solo and made this album, if Harry does the same, my life will be made.


And with that, my list is complete. I hope you enjoy these kind of posts.

What is your current favourite song? 


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