Review: I ♥ Makeup Lip Lava


Guess who bought makeup again… As soon as I found these in my local drugstore, I just had to buy them. I already owned one of these Lip Lavas and it’s one of my favourite products ever.


Can we start off by talking about the packaging for a minute? Isn’t it amazing? I think the matte boxes look gorgeous and the tubes look fun too. These products are supposed to be a dupe for the Too Faced Melted Liquified Long Wear Lipstick. I personally don’t own any Too Faced Melted colours but they seem to be the exact same.

shockwave firestorm

I got the Lip Lavas in two different shades: Shockwave and Firestorm. Shockwave is a gorgeous purple/pinkish colour. However, I find Firestorm the prettiest of the two. It’s a bright red colour which I’m a huge fan of. Both of the liquid lipsticks dry matte (yay!).

I already owned the shade Forgiven – my personal favourite – which is a gorgeous nude brownish colour. It also dries matte and it’s just the perfect colour to use on a daily basis. I really hoped to pick up one of these for backup but unfortunately they were sold out.

swatch ll

This is what the colours look like when they haven’t dried completely. Can you tell why I love Firestorm so much?! Please leave a comment if you want to see lipswatches so I can post them to Instagram for you guys.

I ♥ Makeup is one of Makeup Revolutions sistercompanies. They changed their website and are now selling all sister companies on the same website which is: Tambeauty! The Lip Lavas sell for £2.99 (GBP).

Do you like liquid lipsticks? 



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