Review: Morphe 35T


Since you all loved my previous reviews, I decided to write another one for you guys today. This time it’s going to be about my new Morphe 35T palette which my sister got me for my birthday!

The palette consists of 35 matte and shimmer nude shades which are perfect for everyday looks. The shades are very pigmented and last an entire day. The shadows are easy to use and feel very buttery when applying, which I love. I like to start with a tiny bit of eyeshadow on my brush and just keep building it up on my lid till it’s the colour I want it to be.


Here are the swatches from the top row, left to right. The first shade is a matte shade, which I really like as a transition colour in my crease. The other six shades are shimmers, most of them a very light brown colour. As you can see the pigmentation is amazing, the shimmer ones a bit better than the mattes.


Here’s the second row, again, left to right. This one has two, a bit darker mattes which are also perfect transition shades. The five shimmers are more gold rather than brown. Again, perfect pigmentation and very long lasting.


The third row has seven shimmer shades. This is honestly my favourite row because I really like the purply undertone these shadows have. I’m also obsessed with the sixth shade, which is a shimmery dark brown with gold glitters in it.


The fourth row is also very pretty. This one has seven shimmer shades again and these are more dark gold and brown shades. I really like these to put all over my eyelids when wearing matte brown shades in my crease.


The fifth and final row has more matte shades than shimmers. The first four and the sixth one are all mattes. Some are brown/greyish, one more brown/redish and one is more purple-ish. The fifth and seventh shades are the only shimmers in this row, a brown and a more silver one. I love this row for the mattes in my crease.

Overall this palette is full of warm shades which you can use in every season. I think this is the perfect palette if you like to use nude shades on a daily basis. In my opinion the shimmers are a bit better and a bit more pigmented than the matte shades. I’d give this palette a 8/10.



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