Boozy Cosmetics Haul


About two weeks ago I placed an order on Boozyshop. I got a few awesome products and I thought it would be nice to share them with you guys.

Boozyshop is a Dutch website which sells international makeup brands like Morphe and Freedom. I personally adore this site because when I order on the Morphe site, shipping costs me $22.50 and it will take 1 week to  3 months to get to my house. However, Boozyshop shipping is only €3.95 (or free with orders over €40) and it is delivered the next day.


The first thing I got was another Morphe palette. As you can read in last weeks review, I am obsessed with the 35T [palette my sister got me. That’s why I decided to get a more colourful one as well.

This is the Morphe 35U and I am absolutely obsessed. The colours are very bright and so gorgeous. I won’t talk about this too much for now since a review of this product is going up next week wednesday! (12 A.M. EST, as always).

I bought this product for €24.99. 


The next thing I got was this gorgeous Morphe single shadow in the shade Naughty Girl. It is a navy blue colour with glitters in it. I haven’t actually tried this product out on my eyes yet but the swatch was fantastic. It is very creamy and very pigmented. It looked very promising to me to be honest.

This product was only €1.99 since it was on sale. 


I also got myself this Makeup Revolution Hypocrisy Eyeliner in the shade Depraved. I already owned a liquid lipstick in the same exact shade so I thought, why not order an eyeliner as well.

As you can see, the eyeliner is a very light purple colour, almost looks like lilac. It also comes with a sharpener which I personally like a lot. I usually use this product to line my waterline and I can’t wait to play with it!

This product was on sale as well and it was only €0.99.

Next thing I got was by the brand Freedom, Makeup Revolutions sister company. It’s called the Pro Lipstick Kit and I got the Bare Collection. It’s basically a lipstick kit with five different shades in them. They sell ten different sets but I thought I’d go for the nude option for once haha.

Again, I won’t go into this product too much since I’ll write a seperate review on these amazing lipsticks soon!

These lipsticks were €5.95 all together. 

The next item I got was another one from Freedom. As soon as I saw this palette, I knew I just had to get it. I got the one in the shade Fairy Doll look. It has a bronzer, a blush, four lipglosses, twelve eyeshadows, four eyebrow powders and last but definitely not least, a highlighter. I think this palette is so nice for when you go travelling. It has everything you basically need in just one palette. Oh and it also comes with a little booklet with four different looks with explanation on how to recreate them! Amazing, right?!

All of this was only €5,99!

The last thing I picked was this gorgeous brush set. It’s from the store’s own brand: Boozy Cosmetics and I’m OBSESSED! The 10 piece brush set comes with a small makeup bag, which I use as a pencil case, and they’re both white with rose golden details (match made in heaven!!). The set includes the following brushes:
– 5150 Shader
– 5200 Large Shader
– 5600 Smudge
– 6200 Pointed Blender
– 6700 Fluffy Blender
– 7300 Bent Eye Liner
– 7600 Spot Liner
– 8000 Lash & Brow
– 8100 Angled Brow
– 9000 Lip

You’ve got all the brushes you need to create the perfect eye look, fleeky brows and amazing lips.

This brush set – including makeup bag – was €20,99. 

Because I spent over €60, I got to pick a free gift (from selected products). I got myself this LA Girl Mark My Eyes eyeliner. When I got it, I was kind of disappointed because it isn’t as black as I hoped it would be and the tip is also very thick. I will probably use this for halloween looks or something like that. It’s worth €4,99 so it’s nice they give it to you for free.

Overall, I’m so so so happy with all the items I got and the service of the webshop is absolutely amazing. I ordered it on Friday and the order came in on Saturday. Everything was packed very securely and nothing broke in the mail. I will definitely order on this website again soon!

Hope you enjoyed this haul!


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