Review: Morphe 35U


Another Morphe palette, another Morphe review… As some of you might have seen in my Boozy Cosmetics haul, I got another Morphe palette. Today I’ll let you guys know what I think about this one.

This one is about the Morphe 35U Palette. What a beauty! This palette is filled with bright colours and all of them are either shimmers or glittery shades. Let’s just get right into the review!


The top row is the one with the most nude shades in the palette. It has some blacks to smoke things out, a gorgeous shimmery silver shade and a few brown/goldish colours. I think all of these colours are just amazing to create a smokey eye with but also to create a glittery nude look.


Next row is full of red and orange shades. Some more glittery and others more shimmery. The first two shades and the last two shades are more pigmented than the three shades in the middle. I’m a huge huge huge fan of the first two colours. They’re red with some kind of golden glow in it which I think looks absolutely amazing.


The third row is full of greens and blues. These seven shades gave me a lot of mermaid feelings. I think this is my favourite row out of all five because the colours are all so gorgeous and unique. All of the shades are so pigmented and I had so much fun playing with these last week. Check out pictures on my Instagram!


You can never go wrong with reds and pinks. The last two shades are perfect as a transition shade in the crease, the first two to darken up the crease a little bit and the glitters are perfect to go all over the lid. At least that’s how I would use these colours haha. Can’t wait to try that look out on my eyes!


Last but not least, purple and yellow kind of shades. That pop of yellow in the middle gives me life to be honest. The purples were a bit chalky but the colours are amazing. I’m a huge fan of purple shades so I was really happy there were three different ones in this palette. The last – white – shade is perfect as a matte inner corner highlight.

Overall I’m so so happy I got this palette! The colours are amazing and so is the pigmentation. A very wide variety of shades and they’re all so much fun to play around with. Finally something different than all the nude shades I usually go for haha.

This palette is sold on Morphe’s official website for only $19.99 (USD).



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