London haul


Last weekend I went to London for (only) a day and of course I did loads of shopping. I mostly bought makeup but also some other items and I decided to do another haul for you guys since it’s been a while! Let’s just get right into the haul. 

I’ll start off with the most boring items I got, which are just some essentials I needed.


So the first things I got were some cotton pads. I almost ran out of them and I use them to remove eye makeup and nailpolish so I just needed some more. I found these at the beauty section at Primark for only £0.50 which is a great price for 120 pads.

I also found this face cleaner brush. I’ve heard great things about these kind of brushes so I decided to pick one up. I’m not sure what it’s like since I haven’t used it yet but I thought I’d give it a go since it was only £1.00 at Primark.

I didn’t buy too many clothing items since I basically didn’t need any… I did buy some because I couldn’t resist them haha.

img_7043The first items I picked up I did actually need (yes, I know I just told you I didn’t need any clothing items, don’t judge me). It’s just a black scarf and some black gloves. Both of these items are from Primark and they are amazing. The scarf is really thick, soft and warm and I’m obsessed with it already. I basically needed a black scarf because I only had coloured ones but I also have coloured coats so I didn’t like that too much. The scarf was only £6.00 and the gloves were £1.00 for a set of two.


The next clothing item I picked up was again from Primark and I’m absolutely in love with it. It’s a black dress with a flower patern on the chest/neck area and on your wrists. The dress is longer than I usually wear them, it stops right above my knees, and I love it. I wore this today and I actually felt so so pretty. Another plus side to this dress is that it was only  £15.00!! Isn’t that absolutely amazing?
***I advice you to get a size bigger than you usually wear because it’s kind of tight around the hips***

Another A-MA-ZING thing I bought was this gorgeous silver backpack. As soon as I saw this I just knew I had to have this. It’s the perfect size for both uni and shopping. And, it was only £9.00 (!!!) pounds. Can you believe it?!?! The little pink fluffy keychain doesn’t come with the backpack though. I got it for free with the makeup I bought at Superdrug. I thought it looked perfect with the silver so I attached it to it.


The final clothing item I picked up were these two pairs of halloween socks from Topshop. I thought they were absolutely adorable and they were on sale for only £1.50 each so I had to have them. I bought two pairs because my aunt is obsessed with halloween and it’s her birthday soon so I’m sending her one pair.

If you know me, you know I won’t be able to walk past any Disney store without going in… And of course, I had to buy something.

I went over to the mugs first because I’m obsessed with Disney and I’m obsessed with mugs so that made a lot of sense haha. My eyes immediately fell on this beauty. It’s a square mug with Marie’s little, cute face on both sides, both with different expressions. The rest of the mug is white and the inside and handle are a light pink that matches Marie’s bow. I got this for only £8.00.

Next, of course, I bought some makeup. I actually didn’t buy too much since I placed a Makeup Revolution order (haul will be up as soon as it arrives) two days prior to going to London. Here’s what I bought in London.


Last summer, when I was in Keswick (Lake District, UK), I bought these amazing fake nails at Primark for only £1.00. They stayed on for about two weeks so I needed them again. I bought different colours and a different shape this time. I bought the shade Sultry Silk which is a kind of pinkish/redish colour and the shade Red Velvet which we all know of course.


These are all the other makeup items I bought. I went into Debenhams first to FINALLY pick up my Too Faced x NikkieTutorials order! I’ve been waiting for it ever since she announced it only to find out it wasn’t available to get it in The Netherlands. So I finally got it and I’m hyped about it. A review will be up next week! I got this for £48.00.

Next, I went into Boots because I needed to restock some items they don’t sell in the Netherlands. I got a restock of the collection concealer in fair which was £4.19. I also got a Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara in Jet Black for £10.50. These are my all time favourite concealer and mascara so I had to pick them up.

Lastly, I went into Superdrug and bought quite a few items. They had a 3 for 2 sale going on on all makeup, nail and face products (+ the free pompom (aka the fluffly keychain)). I went to the Makeup Revolution halloween collection first because I wanted to pick some things up that were sold out when I ordered on the website but unfortunately they only had the Ghost Contour stick (£4.00) left. I picked it up anyway because I like doing halloween makeup and I thought this could come in handy. I also picked up the beyond vamp lipstick collection because I wasn’t sure whether to order this or not. As soon as I saw it in real life I knew I needed to have it. It contains three matte dark, a red, a grey and a black and it was only £6.00.

I then went over to the regular Makeup Revolution collection and picked up three more items. First I picked the Mermaids Forever palette because it has amazing shimmers and colours and then I took the Flawless 2 palette. This palette is full of nudes and a lot of nude greyish shades which I don’t have a lot yet. Please tell me in the comments whether or not you’d like a review on one or both of these palettes. These palettes were £8.00 each.

I also picked up another lipstick from Makeup Revolution. This one’s from the rose golden collection and I got the shade Red Carpet which is a gorgeous burgundy colour. I personally think that that’s the perfect fall shade and it was only £3.00.

When I looked around a little more I saw this massive Sleek banner and all I could think was “HIGHLIGHT HIGHLIGHT HIGHLIGHT”. I had heard so much about the Highlighter palettes so I just knew I needed to try one for myself. They only had two different shades and I decided to go with the Precious Metals one which is perfect for us fair girls. This palette was £9.99.

That was all that I bought in London. I’m going to write a full review on the Power Of Makeup Collection which will be up next week wednesday 12.00 PM EST as usual. Let me know if you want a review on any other item I just bought. You can let me know in the comments, on Instagram or on Twitter.


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