Meet My Best Friend | Blog Challenge #1


This is the first blog challenge going up on my blog… So exciting! In today’s post I’ll introduce you to my best friend.

My best friend is called Dianne, also known as Dianzek or Diet Coke. She’s my sister (yes, my actual sister by blood) and my bestest friend. I’ll let you know some basic information about her right now.

So, Dianne is born on December 6th, 1994 which makes her 19, almost 20 and a little over 1.5 years older than I am. She lives on her own in Leiden, The Netherlands where she studies philopsophy at Leiden University. She likes to go on runs, to travel, to read and hang out with friends. She also likes to bake, all things vegan of course since she is one.

My favourite thing we’ve done together is probably going on trips or to concerts together. I also really enjoy shopping, watching movies and just being together.

What I love best about my sister is probably how passionate she is about the things she cares deeply about. She’ll put her whole mind to it and can talk about it for ages. Another thing I love is how deeply she cares about her family. She’ll do anything for us and is always there for us.

My sister also has a YouTube channel which is full of vegan recipes, travel vlogs and taste tests. Another social media platform you can follow her on is her Instagram account which is filled with her gorgeous self, the city she lives in, the fun things she does and all kinds of food she makes.

So that concludes my first blog challenge. I hope you enjoy these kinds of posts and got to know enough about my best friend aka my sister.


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