Amsterdam Haul

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor amsterdam

A couple of weeks ago I went to Amsterdam and eventhough I didn’t get too much, I still decided to write a little haul for you.

I originally went to Amsterdam to get my visa for America (since I’m probably going this summer) but decided to spend the day there and do some shopping.

The first store I went to is called Søstrene Grene which is a Danish store that contains all kinds of cute stuff from home decor to craftsupplies and from toys to food. I picked up a big turqouise shopper because we have to pay for plastic bags and I wanted a nice reusable shopper. Besides, it was only €0,75 (this store is so cheap, I love it). I also picked up some letter sticker and the cutest crafts paper for my bullet journal. It’s all cute pink and minty with gorgeous patterns. The letters cost me €0,78 and the crafts paper €1,21 if I remember correctly. Safe to say this first store was a definite success.

After that I went to Primark (duh!) and picked up some clothing items and some makeup items, which I’ll share with you after this. The clothing items I picked up were some white frilly socks because these are the only socks I ever wear tbh. They absolutely fit my ‘English’ clothing style as I describe it. I believe they were €2,00 but I’m not 100% sure, sorry!

I also picked up two pairs of “sporty” shorts because they would come in super handy when I’m going to the USA this summer but I also love to wear them as pyjama shorts in summer. One is black with white stripes and looks super sporty and the other one is dark grey which looks a little more normal. They black one was €3,00 and the grey one €4,00.

I then got myself a super nice, vintage knit sweater. It’s dark blue with turquoise, pink, white, light blue and orange stripes. It’s also cropped but long sleeved which I love so much. It looks really good on and it’s so comfy I want to live in it. Also, it was only … are you ready for this? … €3,00 !!!!!! Can you believe that? Amazing deal I think.

I then picked up a few beauty items. First one is not too interesting, they are just two pink beauty blender. They were only €2,00 and work perfectly fine in my opinion.

The next thing I got were so interesting, I think. I got myself both of the lip kits which are a perfect dupe for the Kylie lip kits. They only had two shades and were only €4,00 each so I decided to get both to test them out and see how well they would work. I’m actually uploading a review for you guys next week so stay tuned!

Last, but definitely not least, thing I picked up were three sets of my all time favourite fake nails. They had a bunch of new colours and I like to always have some around in case I feel like having long nails (which is very often lol). I got three different colours. A nude one called cashmere, a light blue one called Salt Water Blue and a grey one called Soft Smoke. They are all very matte and stay on for around two weeks. They’re only €1,50 for 24 nails including the glue which is an amazing deal.

And last but not least, I went to a drugstore called Kruidvat where I picked up another lip product. It’s an I Heart Makeup Lip Lava from the ‘Molten Chocolate’ collection in the shade Fondue. I already owned three regular Lip Lavas and I absolutely love the formula. They go on so smoothly, dry really matte and stay on all day. You can read a review here. This one is a gorgeous dark brown and once again, dries matte. Another bonus is that it smells like chocolate! It only cost €3,59 too.

And with that gorgeous beaut we end my mini Amsterdam Haul. I can’t wait for you guys to see the review of the Primark lip kits!

Let me know what kind of posts you want to see in the future.


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