Review: Primark Lip Kit


In last week’s haul, I told you guys I bought both of the Primark Lip Kits and today it’s finally time to review them!


I got both of the kits because I wanted to test them out so badly. One is a nude colour called Cookie Dough and the other is a dark brown one called Chocolate Brownie. To be honest, the names got me craving some food hahaha.

I thought the packaging looked kinda cool. The sides clearly show which colour is inside and they have the name written on top. The front is very clean with the title of the kits “Get Lippy Matte Collection”, a lip in the shade of the kit and a clear front which makes you able to see the lip pencil and liquid lipstick. They also have a sticker with the price on the front.

Let’s start with the one that’s probably my least favourite of the two, Cookie Dough. I thought I was really going to like this one because I’m a sucker for good nudes. And let’s be honest, I really liked this, until I swatched it… Don’t get me wrong, it went on so smoothly and the consistancy is perfect, but the colour was just kind of off… It was more of an orangy nude than a true brown nude. And orange is so NOT my colour. It’s basically like one of the fewer colours I can’t pull off so that was disappointing.

No matter how gorgeous this colour is, it’s just so not for me. In the pictures it looks kind of pinky but trust me, it looks really orangy in real life. Besides the colour, I really liked how easily this goes on and how perfect the liner matches with the actual lipstick. It does get kind of crusty on the lips and doesn’t stay on as well once you’ve eaten but let’s be real, what else would you expect for €4,00. If I would have to compare this to the Kylie kits, I would say the colour is a mixture of Exposed and 22.

I do really really like this dark brown colour, Chocolate Brownie. I love myself some dark brown and got so excited when I saw this one. Again, it goes on so easily but once it’s dried, it looks kind of crusty. This one also doesn’t stay on while eating but it’s great for €4,00 I think. I would, obviously, compare this one to Kylie’s True Brown K for colour reference.

Overall, I would recommend these if you are looking for an affordable Kylie dupe. They don’t stay on for too long but they’re easy to apply (and re-apply) and feel really comfortable on the lips.

Have you ever tried any lip kits? Let me know!


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