R&M Jewelry Bracelets

Today I’m back with another review for you guys. And this time, it’s not about makeup but about… bracelets!


I found this cute company on Instagram and I’ve been loving their bracelets ever since. They have a wide variety of different bracelets in all kinds of colours. They’ve got distance bracelets, bangles, healing ones and so on. Another great advantage is that they are super affordable!


This one is my personal favourite. I love the colours of this one and the fact that it’s kind of a natural one. You can combine this with loads of outfits and it would still look so special and beautiful. This one is called Purple 7 Chakra Stone Bracelet and is made out of Purple Marble and Lava Rock which I think is amazing. You could wear this bracelet very casual but also very chique. I also think it’s very subtle yet such a statement accessory. I could honestly wear this every single day. This bracelet is currently on sale for only $10.99!

Here are some more of their amazing products:



I’m absolutely in love with this brand and you should be too! They sell the bracelets on their own website, click here to visit it. The prices are between $10.99 and $15.99 which is honestly amazing, but you could save even more money by using the code “Michelle” at checkout!

I hope you guys enjoy these bracelets as much as I do!


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