Review: I Heart Makeup Unicorn Highlighter


Yes, you read that right. I’m (finally) reviewing a unicorn highlighter! Keep on reading to find out whether I like it or not…

I managed to get my hands on the I Heart Makeup Unicorns Heart which is a rainbow highlighter. I’ve wanted one for ages and was finally able to get one and decided to, of course, review for you guys.

Let’s talk about the packaging first because it looks amazing! It’s white all over but has a gorgeous holographic print. The front has a heart, a unicorn and the words Unicorns Heart on it. It has tiny letters beneath that, saying: “a rainbow highlighter made by unicorns”. AMAZING!

The back has the same text, in holographic, on it but also a preview of what the highlighter looks like.

The packaging of the actual product looks amazing as well. The fact that it’s heart shaped is just so good. The front is the same as mentioned earlier. A heart, unicorn and the text “Unicorns Heart, a rainbow highlighter made by unicorns” all in holographic.

The back is gold and again, has holographic text written all over it. It mentions the brand I Heart Makeup, the same text and then where it’s manufactured, the weight (10g) and the shelf life (12 months).

These heart shaped blushes and highlighters are supposed to be affordable dupes for the Too Faced Sweetheart Blushes and I think they did great.


The product looks so pretty and makes me so happy because it makes me think about rainbows and unicorns and happiness!!! It looks so sparkly and glitterly and smooth. The colours are more pastel toned which I really love and I was excited to swatch and try it on my face.


All of the colours seperate from each other


All of the colours blended

The highlighter has a very cool undertone because of the very dominant green and blue. The pigmentation and glow are absolutely amazing.

I’m absolutely in love with this highlighter. I love the idea, the packaging and the product itself. You can get this highlighter on the TAMbeauty webshop for only £5.60. It’s definitely something you need in your stash in my opinion.

Have you ever tried a rainbow highlighter? Did you like it?


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