Review: Native London Balms


Today I’ve got a review of these amazing balms in store for you guys!


A couple of weeks ago I very generously got sent all three of the Native London balms. I’ve been trying them out for a few weeks and I must say, I’m obsessed! They leave my skin feeling so soft and smooth! The packaging looks amazing and they are so affordable as well!


The first one is called Balm Balm. This one is a scentless one and can be applied to dry skin as well as your lips. I used this mainly for my dry lips and eyelids. Because of my hayfever I tend to rub my eyes a lot which leaves them so dry. I decided to put this balm on right before I went to bed and the next morning my eyelids were so soft and felt really hydrated. It worked great on my lips as well. This one retails on there official website for £7!


The second one is called Boost Balm and smells like lemon grass. This one looks even prettier with the tiny detail of actual lemon grass in the middle. It smells really strong and works fabulous. I applied this one on my dry cheeks and again, my skin felt so soft, smooth and hydrated which is exactly what your skin should feel like all the time. I bet this would work as an anti-mosquito product as well because the lemon scent is so strong. That is definitely something I need to try out this summer. This one sells for £9.


Last, but definitely not least, is my personal favourite called Calm Balm. This one smells like lavender and, again, has some lavender in the middle which I think looks so cute. The balm works for soothing the skin and it also helps you being able to fall asleep sooner and with your stress! Right before I went to bed I applied some to my temples and wrists and the strong lavender scent made me fall asleep so quickly. This is also the main reason why this one is my favourite! This one is on their website for £9 as well.

All of these balms are absolutely fantastic and I personally think you should all try them out. Right now, these are the only products they sell but if you follow their Instagram (which is very cute btw), you could see all of the new products they are working on right now.


I hope you’ll love these balms as much as I do, I will definitely add these to my skincare routine!



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