Review: The Vintage Cosmetic Company


Hi darlings! I’ve got yet another review to show you guys. This time it’s all about products by The Vintage Cosmetic Company. Their products are so cute! Let’s just get into the review.

The Vintage Cosmetic Company kindly sent me some goodies to try out and review for you guys. Thank you so much!


The first thing I got was a really cute Essential Face Make-up Brush Set! It contains three brushes and don’t they look adorable?! In the set is a foundation brush, a blush brush and a powder brush. They all are the same colour, something I would describe as a powdery off white maybe? I guess? Anyways, it looks cute! The name of the brand is on the front of the handles and on the back it says what kind of brush it is.


Here are the brushes up close. From left to right: powder, blush and foundation. I’ve been trying these brushes for a while now and I’m in love! The hairs are so so soft and they pick up product so well. I’ve especially been loving the blush brush. This one is the perfect size for your cheeks and apply blush so smoothly. I’m personally not a big fan of applying foundation with a brush but I do love applying face masks with foundation brushes (don’t tell me I’m the only one?). And I’ve been loving this foundation brush for that exact reason!

This brush set retails for £27.00 which I think is amazing for an entire face brush set!

As I mentioned before I’m not a big fan of applying my foundation with brushes so I was thrilled to see they added a sponge as well! I love these to blend my foundation and concealer and even to bake certain areas of my face. This blending sponge is really soft but firm and is perfect to blend out foundation and concealer. I love the tip at the ending to bake my undereye area as well. I personally like using my blending sponges damp because this way it doesn’t absorb too much foundation and you can blend it easier.

Another huge pro about this blending sponge is that it’s Latex free and infused with Vitamin E! This combo leaves your skin looking absolutely flawless! They do sell other blending sponges on their website as well.

This retails for £5.95.


The last, but definitely not least, thing they sent me were these amazing looking lashes in the style Kitty! These lashes are 1.1 CM long and are re-usable. I also love that these lashes come with adhesive so people don’t have to buy an extra one. I personally never use the adhesive that comes with lashes but you can if you want to.

These lashes are really easy to apply and they sell many more styles on their website. They even sell some amazing sets. I think these would be amazing as a gift as well since the packaging looks adorable! And… they are so affordable!

These lashes retail for £6.00.

All of these products are available on their website.

I hope you liked this review! Please leave any requests in the comments down below!


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