Review: Amie skincare


First of all, happy new year, loves! May you all have an amazing year filled with love, happiness and kindness!

Today I’ve got another review for you guys! This one is all about skincare. Let’s just get right into the review.

This amazing brand called Amie very kindly sent me some products to review! I was thrilled when these products came in because I’ve heard so many great things about this brand before.


The first product they very kindly sent me was their Spring Clean Deep Cleansing Mask. I personally love face masks and love trying out new ones. When I first opened this I got so excited because it smells so fresh! Like mint and lemon!

Some ingredients are organic peppermint, lime butter and white clay. White clay is really good for getting rid of impurities.

The product promises to work pore-deep to draw out dirt and impurities while also soaking up excess oil to prevent blemishes. It will also leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.


I applied this mask using a flat foundation brush from the Morphe Candy Apple Red Brush Set. I personally like using foundation brushes to apply masks better than using my hands because I feel like it goes on easier.

This mask was super easy to apply to my face and you only need to use the tiniest bit. The moment it touched my face it felt really cold and it didn’t really get any warmer.


Once it was all over my face, you could really feel the product working. It still felt really cold and it even stinged a little. After a couple of minutes it starts to dry and you can really feel the impurities being drawn out of your pores.

10 minutes later and it was time to take the mask off. I took it off with water and loved the fresh feeling I was left with. My skin felt really soft, smooth and fresh.

This products retails for only Β£5.95.


I then got two samples. One of them is a moisturiser and the other one a facial wash. Let’s start with the moisturiser because I’m in love! This moisturiser is mainly for people with oily skin and it dries matte, yes please! It’s completely mineral oil-free and parabens-free which is a great bonus for me. It is absorbed into the skin, giving it the hydration it needs while controlling the oil leaving your skin looking smooth and matte.

The Morning Clear facial wash is a soap-free cleansing wash that removes all dirt, oil and make-up from your face without ruining your skin. You could also use this to wake up in the morning since it balances your pH-level and will leave your skin feeling soft, deeply cleansed and refreshed. I personally love using this in the morning but also to wash off my make-up after a long day. It makes my face feel so clean right before I head to bed!

The moisturiser and facial wash retail forΒ Β£4.95 each.


Last but not least, I got this mini hot pink beauty blender. I love receiving these because you can never have enough beauty blenders, right?

First of all, can we please appreciate the colour for a second? The hot pink, yes please! I love love love the colour and I really like the fact that it’s a mini one as well. Sometimes the big versions can’t really get into the small areas, e.g. underneath your eyes, and a small one is perfect for this. I also love this one for blending concealer in the creases of my nose, if that makes any sense at all, haha.

Thank you so much, Amie Skincare, for sending me these amazing products! I will definitely keep using these on the daily because I’m obsessed. The products are so organic, such great quality and all of that for amazing prices!

Hope you liked this post! Let me know what kind of posts you want to see in the future.



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