Random Beauty Question Tag


Today, I decided to do a beauty tag I made up myself. I call it the Random Beauty Question Tag because there’s basically just a whole bunch of random questions I’m going to answer for you all.

Let’s just get right into the questions!

Which artist would you like to get their own makeup collection?
Okay, so I think you can all guess my answer… I would, obviously, love for NikkieTutorials to have her own collection. I know she already has a collection with Too Faced and one with Ofra but I would love for her to start her own brand. I’m obsessed with the looks she creates and how she loves her glitters and highlighters. I would buy everything straight away!

Besides Nikkie having her own collection, I would also love for Jess Conte to have her own collection. Most people probably won’t know her, because she’s not a makeup artist, but she is the sweetest girl ever. She is so pretty and I would love to see something in her collection that will make my eyes look as big as hers. Definitely go check her out on her own Youtube channel or on her channel with her husband Gabriel.


Desi Perkins’ makeup storage is to die for!

Which makeup trend would you like to bannish?
I really don’t like all the weird eyebrow trends. Feather brows? Boxed brows? Braided brows? No, thank you… These trends really aren’t for me. Give me some normal brows and I’ll be fine.

Which beauty product gives you a festive feeling?
I mean… all beauty products make me feel very festive! But if I have to choose one, I would say glitters… obviously! Or glitter eyeliner. I think glitters spice up any look and you see them in most christmas/NYE tutorials on YouTube. Not that I’m complaining because I love it!

Which makeup product changed your life?
Makeup in general changed my life. However, the first makeup item I ever used was mascara. I would always (this was in 5th grade, btw) just wear mascara and nothing else. And I still do it sometimes, I just love how mascara makes me look a little less like a zombie and a little more like an actual human being, haha.

Balmain loreal lipstick

What kind of makeup product, that doesn’t exist yet, would you like to see?
Okay, when I first thought of this question, I thought it was going to be impossible to answer because of how many makeup products we already have. But then I thought of something I would absolutely love to see, eventhough I think it would be kind of impossible to make. Are you ready…? A foundation that changes to your skin colour and skin type… Because I’m so pale, it’s hard for me to find a foundation that matches my skin colour well, so this would be the perfect solution! Also, you know how there’s this discussion about shade ranges? (I’m all for having every shade!) It would all be over! And a foundation that doesn’t just change to match your skin colour, but also your skin type! It will change to a matte formula for someone with an oily skin, it will change to a moisturising formula for someone with dry skin… PERFECT!

What makeup items do you get in a different country?
Well… I don’t know if any of you are aware of this, but here in the Netherlands we don’t have a lot of makeup stores… We don’t even have a Sephora! I know, terrible, how do I even survive?! Hahaha. This is why I buy a lot of my makeup items in a different country or I order it online.
Whenever I go to the UK, I stock up on my collection concealers because I’m absolutely in love with those. Also, Soap & Glory mascaras are some of my favourite drugstore mascaras! And ofcourse, I always visit Sephora to buy the latest items.
When I went to the USA last summer, I got so many makeup items that are way more expensive if I buy them here or if I order them online. I got some ABH products, some MAC, Urban Decay, you name it. For a full USA Makeup Haul, click here.

And that concludes my random beauty question tag! Did you guys enjoy it? Let me know if you want to see a part 2 of this tag! And ofcourse, feel welcome to do this tag on your own blog!


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