Current Favourite Makeup Items


Hi loves! I’ve planned a completely different kind of post for today. I decided to share with you my current favourite makeup items! Keep on reading to find out why I love these products so much.



Winter Must Watch List

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We’re currently in the middle of winter and we all know what that means… Netflix all the way, am I right? Because of this, the people at Luma made me a personalised Winter Must Watch List so I could share my favourite movies and shows with you guys. Isn’t that cool?!


Current favs: Songs

cold water

Today I wanted to talk to you about the songs I’ve been playing non-stop in the past couple of weeks. I’m totally obsessed with listening to music and I have phases in which I listen to the same songs over and over again. Today, I’m sharing those songs with you guys.


Current favs: TV shows

We all have our weaknesses… One of my weaknesses are tv shows. I could watch them day after day, night after night. I’m not even embarrased when people ask me what show I’m currently watching and I numerate about 30 shows. Don’t care, won’t care. Do you want to know my current favs? Keep on reading… 


What’s on my (new) iPhone 6?

As some of you might already know, I recently got a new iPhone 6! I’m literally obsessed with it because it’s sooo pretty (I got the gold one btw). Sooo, I thought I’d let you guys know what apps I’ve got on my phone just to give you some inspiration. Want to know what apps I’ve been using a lot recently? Keep on reading… 


Current favs: fashion trends


I personally love picking out new outfits and staying up to date when it comes to fashion and style. I like to check webshops and read magazines every now and then to see all the new fashion trends. In today’s post I’m going to let you know five of my favourite trends. Keep on reading…  (more…)